Let me be the anchor to your household and help hold the fort down. I am a beauty and come from health tested parents. I am a f1b standard baby. My mom is 50 pounds and dad is 60. Mom and dad both visit nursing home facilities occasionally and mom pulls wagon of various kinds. She at time delivers gifts to her friends at the nursing home and also pulled a float in the christmas parade last year...

Barrow F1b

I am a attractive fellow. Mommy named me after 1 of the largest Eskimo settlements in Alaska. I am a F1b baby and am a fluffy doggy right now. Mom is 50 pounds and dad is 60 pounds. They both visit nursing homes at times and my mom pulls a wagon in Christmas parades and sometimes delivers gifts to the nursing home residents. Super smart! My human mommy also uses mom (Lottie Da) as a hunting pal...


I was named after the second largest US city by land area and the capital city of Alaska. I come from health tested parents and mom is 50 pounds and dad is 60 pounds. I will be standard in size. Mommy is super smart. She pulls a wagon and is hunting partner to my owner. Mom visits nursing homes at times along with my dad. If you have questions please go ahead to call xxx-xxx-xxxx and if you wan...